Workshop – Painting with Light


digital camera ( any )  –  Example photos done with SONY A7III

standard lens – Example photos done with Sony FE 28-70mm


Light source

– LCD pocket light

– LCD pen light

– Sparkler

– Spot lamp 

– …. ( be creative ) 

How to paint with light

1) Mount camera with standard lense on tripod in area without any other light source

2) Connect Camera to remote control ( via cord or via tablet/phone) 

3) Set your lense to Manual mode

4) Focus your lenses in Manual mode to point where you expect  that light source will be used for painting

5) Set exposition to M mode  ( 50mm,  ISO 100, F/8 , 10 s )

6) Start exposition  and be creative

Camera settings

Post processing

Be creative and use Photo editor ( Capture One, Photoshop , Pixelmator … ) and layers to create composition photo